Doing things temporarily leads to permanent profitability

Perhaps it does not matter what business you are in. But perhaps it does. Let us quickly put our business thinking caps on. Ah, yes, that’s better. Now that we can see and think a little more clearly – such are the pressures of starting up a new business, you can so easily lose your focus – let us state the case a little more sensibly. Yes, it could make good business sense to do things temporarily, if you will, until the business has been securely established.

As part of the temporary financial management plan it could well lead to ongoing profitability down the line. But to put the realistic thinking cap on for a moment, it has to be borne in mind that it really does not matter what business environment you are operating in, it could take some months before you realize any form of profit that could be banked and re-invested into the company. This is so pertinent and self-evident for the developing caterer.

Noble and brave are those who choose to venture into this business territory. The catering industry – and there are many operating levels – is one of the most competitive to be involved in. But it can also be considered an essential service, so that is a relief. Make a success of your own startup and there will always be a demand for your unique catering services and culinary offerings. And as a new business developer, doing things temporarily may just suit your business model going forward.

You can cut potential losses and lose the infrastructural challenge by simply going in for temporary commercial kitchen rental. Because if you do not have your own operating premises where are you going to cook and prep the food?

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